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Wonderful wintertime

Hello again,

We thought it time to send out a newsletter letting you know what we have been up to over the cold winter nights. Wanaka Catering have catered for some amazing people and events over the last 5 months. Here are just a few people that we would like to mention.

We helped in feeding the guests of Graphite Management for the opening of their new premises in Wanaka. We catered for Kristin School whilst they were here to do their winter training over the school holidays.And back again for the fourth year was Phillipa Martin and her gang from Auckland, thank you to all you ladies who I have catered for over the winter. Phillipa keep up with the spreading of the word!!!

BirthdaysWe catered for some winter birthdays, some corporate functions as well as being involved with the launch of Quicksilver & Red bull's new snowboarding movie - That's it, that's all.

WOW what a movie! Thank you to Emily Stevenson for allowing Wanaka Catering to be a part of an ever-changing snow world.


Wanaka Catering was involved in a wonderful winter wedding for Marisa & Luke at the Wanaka Homestead. For more information please contact Ed & Carol Stevens on www.wanakahomestead.co.nz

Unique HampersUnique Hampers

Wanaka Catering can provide hampers for any occasion.

If you need a gift idea for a special occasion - a new baby born, a birthday or anniversary - why not try something a little different?

Wanaka Catering can custom create a hamper to suit your needs. Please email Wanaka Catering on info@wanakacatering.co.nz

For all those people whom we couldn't do this without

MediterraneanTop of the list goes to Wanaka Wholesale market and all of the staff that work there, their produce is impeccable, their service and their knowledge are truly outstanding. Wanaka Catering couldn’t be without them. For all your fresh season fruit & vegetables Wanaka wholesale is the place. Wanaka Wholesale info phone: 03 443 4181.

Alpine images for supplying the photos of Marisa & Luke. For more information go to www.alpineimages.co.nz.

For the best chocolate truffles, & florentine's - Chocolate Brown www.chocolatebrown.co.nz.

Spring is here so I thought a fresh delicious dessert was in order - Speedy Rhubarb fool

Now that the Spring is on us, Wanaka Catering thought you might like a recipe to brighten you up. This meal can be found on the Spring menu. For more information please contact us for details. info@wanakacatering.co.nz

Rhubarb FoolIngredients

  • 500g rhubarb – timed and chopped
  • 100g sugar or vanilla sugar
  • juice of ½ orange

For the wafers

  • 3 tablespoons icing sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 500g puff pastry block

For the yogurt

  • 500ml natural yogurt
  • zest of orange
  • 1 tablespoon of runny honey

1. Bring to the boil the rhubarb, sugar and orange juice and let it simmer until a thick compote consistency.
2. Sieve the icing sugar and cinnamon onto a clean work surface
3. Cut 4 slices of your pastry block about 1cm thick and place them flat onto the dusted work surface.
4. Roll out the pastry until 0.5cm thick, turning it over as you go so it gets covered in the icing sugar mixture.
5. Cut the strips diagonally and you will end up with long, triangular shapes.
6. Pre heat a non-stick fry pan and fry the pastry triangles until golden brown and allow to cool.
7. Mix the yogurt, orange zest and honey together.
To serve, dollop a spoonful of yogurt into the serving glass followed by the rhubarb compote, continue to layer the yogurt and compote until the glass is full. Then place a puff pastry triangle on the top. Enjoy!!!

Things to come

We have some great weddings for the coming season of 2008/9. If you have any friends or family organising weddings for this summer in the central lakes region, and you need some assistance please feel free to contact Wanaka Catering on 03 443 4129 or info@wanakacatering.co.nz for all your requirements.

catering tipCatering Tip

One of the hardest parts of organising a wedding is thinking about the drink quantities, it can seem daunting for the inexperienced. Here are some guidelines to help you out - don't forget you know your friends best, if they are likely to drink eight beers a night or are predominantly teetotallers, always adjust the quantities to suit.

Quantities based on 100 people

  • Champagne: 4 cases or 48 bottles (this is based on 1 glass on arrival and one glass for toasting)
  • Wine: 100 bottles ratio or 2 white to 1 red (generally budget on half a bottle per person for the meal and a further half bottle for the party.
  • Beer: 200 – 300 bottles (this is allowing 4 to 6 beers for every male present)
  • Non-alcoholic punch: allow 500ml per non drinker


Kings DriveAnd just a little reminder if you are thinking of coming to Wanaka and you don’t have anywhere to stay, don't forget we have a lovely modern 3 bedroom house that is available for short term rentals.

For more information please contact kingsdrive@wanakacatering.co.nz or visit our website


Wanaka Catering - Winter Newsletter

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